Buckingham Home Care Ltd, or BHC as we’re usually known, is a locally-based care visitor team.

It was founded and led by Mary Gallimore, a nurse of many years’ experience who has worked in major hospitals in Dublin, London and Hertfordshire. BHC is still a family run business but is preparing to expand beyond the family.

We are very proud of our mission statement and everyone concerned with BHC is totally committed to ensuring YOU – the Client – will be cared for and given every consideration for YOUR needs.

Because we are Buckingham-based and therefore local we will always be there for your requirements. As a CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulated company you can be sure your Care visitors will be your regular visitors and not a new face each time someone calls.

Currently most clients live in and around Buckingham and there is a waiting list. Calls vary from one client requiring three or more visits a day to some just needing occasional drop ins.