Thanks to Buckingham Home Care my mother has been able to remain at home rather than transfer to a care home.
Mr J.B, Buckingham
We’re only sorry we didn’t make use of Buckingham Home Care much earlier for our mother who looks forward to her two visits a day by her regular carers.
Miss L, Winslow
Since they started with us the care and attention to detail by the personal carers of BHC has meant my father is now more settled than he’s been for a long time.
Mrs C, Tingewick
I selected Buckingham Home Care for my mother’s care visitors as they’re not only local but now she sees a regular familiar face each time someone calls, instead of a different person each time there’s a care visitor.
Mrs J, Buckingham
Finding a good visiting care agency is difficult but after searching through a list of care agencies, mostly based in Milton Keynes and Aylesbury, I’m glad to say my father is more than happy to have Buckingham Home Care.
Mrs S, Buckingham
When I asked one of my friends visiting my aunt (after her discharge from hospital) about finding a reliable care agency she said ‘why not try Buckingham Home Care?’ I did and thanks to her it’s given my aunt a whole new positivity to life.
Miss G, Maids Moreton